Hungover Australia

Many Australians will be waking up today, clutching their heads and feeling sorry for themselves, hungover, after a day of ‘celebrating’ this wonderful nation. Amid a global pandemic that’s affecting the lives and has taken the lives of many, it’s perhaps never felt more evident that we are ‘the lucky country’. We haven’t been untouchedContinue reading “Hungover Australia”

Change the message

With alcohol being so entrenched in Australian identity it’s difficult to realise that it’s providing no benefit to your life. In Australia, much like other western cultures, alcohol tends to go hand in hand with notions of celebration, commiseration and relaxation. We see everyone, from our sporting heroes to our politicians, with a drink inContinue reading “Change the message”

Sober – how does it feel

Recently I hit 9 months sober. I decided to reflect on what I’ve observed about my sober self. Some of my observations are as follows: Things and people are not so annoying when I feel good, and if they are, I’m better equipped to deal with them. I get less frustrated – I’m never hungoverContinue reading “Sober – how does it feel”

Your Authentic Self

It’s been 106 days since the last drop of alcohol swirled through my lips, across my taste buds and into my system. 105 days since I was left in a pit of despair with a horrible hangover and a world of self loathing for once again letting the demon liquid invade me. For years, alcoholContinue reading “Your Authentic Self”

Thirsty to fit in and be the best!

Alcohol has always been such a big part of Australian culture. Growing up, I remember ads showing ‘mates’ hanging out, throwing back some beers and having a great old time. This was sold to us as the ‘Aussie way’, and who in their right mind wouldn’t want to be a part of that! “For aContinue reading “Thirsty to fit in and be the best!”

The morning after the night before – Getting Sober

In January I decided, once again that it might be time to try and quit drinking. A few weeks before I actually quit, I found an audio-book to listen to that I hoped would give me inspiration. I listened, somewhat obsessively to Jane Lynch’s “Happy Accidents”. Mostly I listened when I was in my carContinue reading “The morning after the night before – Getting Sober”

The psychological struggle

~ There is no denying that alcohol is an addictive substance but I truly believe, for me, and potentially a lot of other people, it is predominately a psychological struggle ~ FACT 1: I drank almost everyday for close to 20 years. FACT 2: I drank because deep down, no matter how many times IContinue reading “The psychological struggle”

The Search for Freedom and Acceptance

Recently I came to realise, or I should say, I decided to consciously acknowledge that I’ve been a pretty consistent, often daily drinker for close to 20 years. Once an elite athlete, upon retirement from sport I allowed drinking to become a new past time. At first, I think it signified freedom. During my trainingContinue reading “The Search for Freedom and Acceptance”