Change the message

With alcohol being so entrenched in Australian identity it’s difficult to realise that it’s providing no benefit to your life. In Australia, much like other western cultures, alcohol tends to go hand in hand with notions of celebration, commiseration and relaxation. We see everyone, from our sporting heroes to our politicians, with a drink inContinue reading “Change the message”

From athlete to daily drinker to sober life

Addiction is a weird thing and it’s only through hindsight that we can see how easy it can be to allow alcohol to get its claws stuck into us. Alcohol is so normalised in society. It’s all but expected that we drink. It‘s a bit scary being so open but if one person reads myContinue reading “From athlete to daily drinker to sober life”

The Search for Freedom and Acceptance

Recently I came to realise, or I should say, I decided to consciously acknowledge that I’ve been a pretty consistent, often daily drinker for close to 20 years. Once an elite athlete, upon retirement from sport I allowed drinking to become a new past time. At first, I think it signified freedom. During my trainingContinue reading “The Search for Freedom and Acceptance”