Sober valentine

A week before Valentine’s Day last year I decided it was time to break up my rocky-unhealthy relationship with alcohol. On that fateful day, I knew wholeheartedly I would be where I am today. My love affair had travelled its course and it was time to sever all ties. I knew it wouldn’t be easy as it’s something I’d been thinking about for years and had barely made it two days, so a lifetime seemed all but impossible. Yet still, I knew this was it – it was time to get sober!

In making this commitment, I learnt that the brain is a powerful thing! It is malleable and it will do and believe what we tell it to! It is us who have control, not alcohol! It is us who possess the power to say NO. “No! I choose to live differently!” “No, I won’t let you win.” “No alcohol, your day is done! This is my story now!”

If you are struggling with alcohol, know that you are the narrator of your own story. Take charge and choose the adventure you want your life to take!

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