Sober – how does it feel

Recently I hit 9 months sober. I decided to reflect on what I’ve observed about my sober self. Some of my observations are as follows:

Things and people are not so annoying when I feel good, and if they are, I’m better equipped to deal with them.

I get less frustrated – I’m never hungover so I’m not constantly starting my day on the back foot, struggling to get through it.

I’m more carefree – Being clear and present means the ability to relax more and enjoy life.

I’m more motivated – I’m not saying I bounce out of bed everyday but I definitely have a whole lot more energy than I did when I was drinking and that has made me want to strive to really live my life and make it better, rather than just wander through it.

Sobriety has allowed me to get out and active. Going on nature bike rides are just one of the positives!

I’m less anxious – I feel this most at work. My mind seemed crowded. There was always so much I had to do and prove. The reality is, there was and still is always a lot to do but I now know that I can’t and don’t have to be the one to do it all. For some reason I can’t explain, being sober has allowed me to care less about what others think of me. Most days, I know my own value, what others see is up to them.

I feel more connected – I’ve found that alcohol was never the great social tool I thought it was. I think alcohol, more often than not disconnects people. When you’re drinking you are not your true self. Since stopping drinking I feel so much more connected to those I love.

If you’re struggling with the grip alcohol has on you and want to remove it from your life, good on you. In a world that glorifies booze it’s not always easy but stay strong, you’ll get there.

I’m no expert but if you’re looking for a little advice, something that’s worked for me has been to focus on adjustIng my thinking. Instead of telling myself I shouldn’t drink tonight, I made the very clear distinction that I don’t want to drink. The mind is incredibly malleable. It will believe what you tell it to believe. I now choose to tell my mind I am a sober warrior.

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