Shiny happy sober

Embracing life with sober clarity


Throughout this website you’ll find me blogging about sobriety and my life in general. Some of the topics you might stumble upon include:

  • The experience of Aussie life in the 70s, 80s and 90s
  • Being a dedicated athlete
  • My sexuality awakening
  • Life beyond elite sport
  • The slippery slope to daily drinking
  • Sober life – getting active and inspired in my 40s

About Me

I’m Brooke. In my younger years I was an elite athlete who was lucky enough to travel to various corners of the world training and competing. In the years since I’ve completed two university degrees and held a job with the same company for 16 years. Somewhere along the way I lost control of my relationship with alcohol. For a long time I fought a hidden battle before deciding once and for all that enough was enough. I finally admitted that it was a problem I was not in control of. I threw everything I had into getting sober and it has changed my life.

I’ve been sober since February 7, 2019. I’m in my mid 40s but I feel happier and healthier than I did at any point in my 30s.

Hopefully through sharing stories of my life pre, during and post drinking, along with ramblings about my thoughts on alcohol and addiction I can help others come to terms with their own issues with alcohol and perhaps provide a glimmer of hope that although it’s not always easy, it is possible to take back the reigns of you life.

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